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In sound cinema, editing does not simply involve arranging the sequence of images but also assembling images and sounds.

Audio-visual editing has given rise to a wide range of effects based on the synchrony or disjunction between image and sound.

This session focuses on some of these effects.

11.1 – Spatio-temporal disjunctions

Diegetic sounds usually coincide with what the images show.

But editing and sound mixing can create effects of spatial-temporal disjunction:
- Diegetic voice-over commenting images from the past,
- Sound bridges between two sequences,
- Intrusion on the image of one scene by the sound from another scene, particularly in the case of crosscutting.

11.2 – Rhetorical effects

Like image editing, audio-visual editing can produce rhetorical effects analogy, emphasis, discrepancy, counterpoint.

Most of these effects rely on the use of off-sounds, including noises, voices or music.